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How to Remote View


Remote Viewing is the practice of using ones mind to access all information in the universe. All humans have this innate ability to varying degrees.


Some call it intuition. Others call it psychic phenomena.


There are no limits to what can be seen- past, present, future. Nothing can be concealed from the viewer.


Below, we provide a brief tutorial on how to perform it.


Quite a bit has been written on Remote Viewing. For detailed explanations and understanding its historical uses we provide links to selected works by Remote Viewers at the bottom.




1) Go with your first impression. Second guessing is a distraction.


2) Don’t over think it. Start with the Symbol to keep the complexity to a minimum. Once you’re able to correctly intuit the Symbol targets, switch to the Photos.


If you intuit a triangle. Don’t guess that’s it a pyramid. Instead, pay attention to receive more information. Your job isn’t to interpret what you see- it’s to record what you’re seeing.


3) Once you’re done drawing and the image or symbol is revealed, compare it with your drawing. If the symbol was a television and you drew a square, that can be considered a hit. If no part of the image matches your drawing, then it’s not a hit.


Lastly, take care to celebrate your hits and temporarily end the session by doing something else. Like studying too hard or focusing too long, you can become fatigued and the results of your Remote Viewing sessions can decline.


Keep in mind that you’re trying to improve on an underused ability. Over time, it’ll become easier and you’ll see more details. Just stick with it.



• Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind - Ingo Swann


• The Reality of ESP - Russell Targ

• Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness - Russell Targ